What to Expect Your First Time Ever Flying on a Private Jet

Flying was once a wondrous thing and something that humans had dreamed of for thousands of years. This is an experience you can still get if you fly private, and that’s why more and more people are chartering private planes to spice up their trips. If you’re one of these people, you may be wondering what you can expect, so keep reading to find out what you’ll experience during your first flight on a private jet.

  1. Privacy

Privacy is something that people crave while they’re traveling, but it’s also something that they rarely ever get. Even if you upgrade your cabin to a commercial plane, you’re likely to run into loud passengers and children crying for hours before you’ve landed. However, on a private jet, it’s just you, your companions, and the crew. You’re far away from other travelers, enjoying a special kind of privacy that you won’t find on a regular plane. This means that there’s a calm, silent atmosphere with complete privacy, so you can do whatever you need to do on the flight, whether it’s working, having a meeting, or just catching up on sleep.

  1. Convenience

Convenience is an important thing when you’re traveling because a disruptive flight can have an impact on the rest of your trip. If you’re traveling at inopportune times, you’ll be jetlagged for days after you land, and you won’t be able to move around as well. However, there’s an increased sense of convenience when you’re flying private. Instead of taking off in the middle of the night, private jets are able to adapt to your schedule. This means that you just have to inform the crew when you want to leave, and you’ll be able to start flying at that exact time. Many private companies also provide a pick-and-drop service, picking you up from your home to the airport and dropping you off at your destination in a car once you’ve landed. The security checkpoints are much more lax, and you’ll be able to get through the entire airport queue in a few minutes.

  1. Great food and drink

Another great perk of flying private and something every customer can expect is that the plane will have great food and drinks onboard. Everyone has had the experience of getting terrible airplane food on their flight and maybe even getting sick afterward, but when you’re on a private jet, it’s an entirely different story. In a jet, you’ll have access to premium catering, which is provided by expert chefs that companies hire straight out of Michelin-star restaurants. These chefs are able to cook dishes depending on your preferences; you can ask them to cook whatever you want them to or leave it up to them to surprise you. The drinks provided can also be made according to your taste, with no limitations or compromises.

  1. Access to any location you want

One of the best aspects of getting to travel in a private jet is the fact that they’re able to access almost every major tourist location. Commercial planes are massive and unable to reach smaller airports, so they have to land at major ones that have enough resources to facilitate them. Private jets are smaller, so they can land in smaller airports, and these kinds of airports are commonly found near closed-off destinations that you’d normally have to reach after hours of driving once you’ve landed. For instance, arranging a private jet charter to West Palm Beach allows you to reach exclusive destinations effortlessly, such as private islands or remote mountain getaways. Being able to land so close to your destination, no matter where it is, is something that you’ll never want to give up. 


Commercial planes are solid and reliable for any trip, but there are certain times when you need an unforgettable experience, and this is where a private jet truly shines. With a private jet, you’ll be able to completely change the experience and finally get something new, something that prioritizes your comfort and experience above all else. While it comes at an elevated cost, you’ll finally get to feel like the most important person in the world while you’re in the air.  



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