How to get dimitri character in free fire?

Garena’s Free Fire celebrates its fourth anniversary with an exciting collaboration featuring DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. As a unique part of this partnership, the in-game avatars of these renowned DJs, Dimitri and Thiva, are now integral to the Free Fire experience. If you are in search of best characters you can test some upcoming characters in free fire while playing through ff advance.

Dimitri’s Top Up Event: Exclusive Rewards and Dates

Dimitri’s avatar, introduced as a top-up reward from 12 August onwards, is available through the ongoing Dimitri Top Up event, concluding on 18 August 2021. Additionally, Thiva will be accessible for free on 28 August, with specific event details yet to be unveiled by Garena.

How to Obtain Dimitri and Exclusive Sound Engineer Bundle

Players eager to add Dimitri to their roster and secure the exclusive Sound Engineer Bundle can do so by acquiring a specified number of diamonds in Free Fire. The Dimitri Top Up event, launched on 12 August 2021, offers players a chance to obtain this exclusive character by purchasing 200 diamonds.

Steps to Claim Dimitri in Free Fire:

  • Open the events section and navigate to the “4th Anniversary” tab.
  • Select Dimitri Top Up and click the “Claim” button beside the character. Dimitri can be equipped from the character section.

Note on Top-Up Event Rewards:

While technically considered free, the rewards from top-up events are earned by purchasing diamonds with real money. Players receive rewards for acquiring a specific number of diamonds, with the purchased diamonds remaining available for other in-game purchases.

Dimitri’s In-Game Ability: Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri brings the Healing Heartbeat ability to Free Fire, positioning himself as a world-renowned sound technology engineer. This active ability creates a 3.5m-wide healing zone, allowing players and allies within to recover three health points per second. The self-recovery feature applies regardless of the player’s level.

At the base level, the healing zone lasts for 10 seconds, extending to 15 seconds at the maximum level. The cooldown period for this ability is 85 seconds initially, decreasing to 60 seconds at level 6.

Experience the dynamic additions to Free Fire’s anniversary celebration by unlocking Dimitri’s exclusive avatar and harnessing the Healing Heartbeat ability for strategic advantages in the battlegrounds.

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