How Much Are Paddle Boards in 2024: Average Cost

In 2024, one of the most common questions about buying a paddle board is: How much are paddle boards? From a few hundred to several thousand dollars, prices might differ significantly. You usually get what you pay for; higher costs are typically associated with higher quality and better design. It’s a good idea to check costs from several retailers and shop around to locate the best discounts. Knowing what the price range entails will help you choose wisely, regardless of whether you’re looking for a high-end model or something more affordable.

What Determines the Cost of a Paddle Board?

When it comes to paddle board prices, several factors influence the cost. The materials used are a big one. Inflatable standing paddle boards , made with cheaper PVC layers, are generally more affordable. You can find single-layer inflatables for under $500, while those with extra layers for durability cost a bit more.

Standup paddle board prices vary quite a bit, but a good board should set you back at least $1. Another inexpensive choice are molded plastic boards, which typically cost less than $1,000. Usually costing more than $1,000, paddle boards with an outside layer of fiberglass or PVC and a foam core are more expensive. Because of their superior materials and lightweight construction, the top carbon fiber boards might cost $2,000 or more.

Production techniques also matter. Boards made with high-quality processes are more expensive. Brand name affects the price too; well-known brands usually charge more because of their reputation.

Features and accessories can bump up the price as well. Simple boards with minimal features cost less, but when you add handles, bungee tie-downs, D-rings, and camera attachments, they get more expensive. Specialized boards, such those intended for fishing or kayaking, can cost over $1,500 due to their particular features.

The mean price of a paddle board

Although standup paddle boards range widely in price, a high-quality board should cost no less than $1,000. What to expect at various price points is broken down as follows:

Affordable Boards:

Inflatable Boards: Usually under $500 for basic models, a bit more for sturdier ones.

Molded Plastic Boards: Typically under $1,000, sturdy but heavier.

Mid-Range Boards:

Foam Core Boards: With PVC or fiberglass layers, these are over $1,000 and offer good durability and performance.

All-Around Boards: Good for various activities, usually over $1,000.

High-End Boards:

Carbon Fiber Boards: Lightweight and high-performance, starting at $2,000.

Touring Boards: For long-distance paddling, generally over $1,500.

Racing Boards: Built for speed, often over $2,000.

The price of a paddle board will depend on its type and intended use. A decent rigid or inflatable all-around paddle board (about $1,000) will do for recreational use. A higher-end board is advised for more specialized activities like touring or racing. Finding the greatest paddle board for your money can be made easier if you know what features and materials you require.

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $400

As we move into the sub $400 range, there are some excellent choices that balance quality and affordability. Allow me to present to you two outstanding boards that provide much more than a splash.

Inflatable paddle board, iROCKER CRUISER 10’6″

The $399.99 iROCKER CRUISER is a floating yoga class, picnic table, and exploring vessel all in one. It’s not just a paddle board. This board is extremely stable and ideal for beginners, families, and anyone under 5’8″. It has a broad tail and an extra-wide 33″ base. It ensures every ride is as smooth as your last scoop of ice cream.

Whether you’re paddling solo or bringing a friend (furry ones included!), this board keeps you steady and secure. It’s also like the SUV of paddle boards, large, comfy, and equipped to tackle whatever challenge you throw at it, with a huge 435 pounds capacity.

BLACKFIN MODEL X 10’6″ Paddle Board

Also priced at $399.99, the BLACKFIN MODEL X is the Swiss Army knife of paddle boards. Designed for adventurers who like to fish, practice yoga, or pack enough gear for a small expedition, this board is stability incarnate. With a width of 35 inches and Triple Layer PVC Composite construction, it practically hugs the water.

This board doesn’t give up whether you’re riding a busy river, a calm lake, or the open ocean. It’s more than just a board—it’s your pass to a fun-filled family day full of fishing stories and possibly even a few dogs relaxing by your side. With this much stability, you might just forget you’re on a board and start thinking you’re on a floating island paradise.

Best Inflatable Paddle Boards Under $500

Investing $500 on an inflatable paddle board allows you to experience a balance between affordability and luxury. These two exceptional choices allow you to paddle in elegance without going over budget.

BLACKFIN 11’6″ Inflatable Paddle Board, Model XL

The BLACKFIN MODEL XL, which retails for $499.99, is a floating fortress as well as a paddle board. This board is well known for being one of the best options for SUP fishing and for people who like to travel light. It is a great balance between speed and stability. At 11’6″ long and 34″ wide, it’s ideal for both experienced and confident paddlers.

You could have a small party on this robust board with all of your fishing gear, friends, and pets. You can load up with two kayak seats and all the stuff you need for an amazing journey thanks to the kayak’s substantial 485 lb weight capacity. Its Carbon Rail increases strength and stiffness, guaranteeing a smooth ride even when completely loaded. Plus, with a generous 2-year manufacturer warranty, your aquatic exploits are well-protected.

iROCKER ALL AROUND 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board

The iROCKER ALL AROUND 11′ is a versatile champion priced at $449.99. From novices to seasoned pros, paddlers of all ability levels love this board. It’s ideal for flatwater cruising as well as modest wave and bay work. The tapered nose isn’t just stylish—it slices through water like a knife through butter, making sharp turns a breeze. At 32″ wide, it offers a stable yet sleek platform, ideal for anyone over 5’6″. It supports taller and heavier riders, or those wanting to bring along an extra passenger or two.

Imagine turning your average family holiday into an extraordinary paddle adventure. The iROCKER ALL AROUND makes it possible, ensuring each trip across the water is as memorable as it is smooth.

Tips for Buying The best budget paddle board

Ready to get a SUP board without draining your wallet? Smart move! Here are some key tips to help you pick a quality board on a budget:

Maneuverability: Look for features like diamond-grooved tail deck pads or raised kick pads to enhance agility in the water, especially on shorter budget models. These features make twists and turns part of the fun!

Stability: Nobody wants to take an unexpected dip! Boards that are 30 inches or wider offer the stable ride beginners love. Wider boards help keep you dry and steady.

Construction: A sturdy board doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for boards with dual-layer PVC construction, which increases durability without increasing the price.

Size and Weight Capacity: Budget boards often have simple shapes, perfect for newcomers. Remember, wider boards offer more stability, and longer boards provide better glide. Make sure the board supports your weight comfortably.

Warranties and Guarantees: A solid warranty indicates a confident manufacturer. It means they trust their product will last beyond your first few paddles. Look for boards with good warranty coverage.

Brand Reputation and Customer Support: Not all boards are created equal. Stick to brands with a proven track record and reliable customer service. Avoid those quick profit, no-backup kinds.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can find a budget-friendly paddle board that offers great value and a fun paddling experience!


In summary, how much are paddle boards? The key is to select one that satisfies your needs while staying within your means; these vary. Keep in mind that the best board isn’t always the most expensive one; instead, you should choose a board that suits your paddling style and payment capacity. Seek for respectable names, high-quality materials, and solid guarantees. Check out iRocker if you’re searching for a fantastic paddle board at a fair price. They provide excellent choices that strike a mix between cost and functionality, guaranteeing you get the most for your money. Happy paddling!

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