Charged with domestic violence in NJ: Do you need an attorney?

If you are going through a divorce and your spouse accuses you of domestic violence in New Jersey, there could be multiple consequences. Your spouse could get a temporary restraining order, which could turn into a permanent one. Plus, you may have to face jail time and severe penalties. Expectedly, it is not advisable that you go alone with your defense. Looking for a domestic violence lawyer near me is the ideal step, and if you are wondering whether you need legal representation, here’s an overview. 

Argue on your behalf

Whether it is about getting the bail amount reduced or getting you released from police custody, your lawyer is in charge of arguments. They are your biggest advocate and will do what it takes to reduce the consequences. 

Investigate further

Investigating a domestic violence case requires experience and expertise. Capable lawyers know how to check the evidence against you and find information that can help build your defense. The process is cumbersome and can take time, but with an attorney, you have less to worry about. 

Scrutinize the prosecution’s case

In many cases, the prosecution may not have a strong case, while in other situations, evidence may have been obtained illegally or may not be admissible. If the evidence or case of the prosecution is questionable, your lawyer will find those loopholes. 

Uncover possible errors 

The police often fail to adhere to the due procedure, and if there have been errors, such as an illegal search, your lawyer can use that for your defense. Criminal lawyers can sometimes have the domestic violence charges dropped or reduced, depending on the circumstances. 

Find witnesses 

From finding witnesses who can testify for you to cross-examining witnesses of the prosecution, your lawyer will work on the case to strengthen the defense. Lawyers know exactly how to see through false statements and witness testimonies. 

Represent you at trial

Once the domestic violence case is in court, you have to put up a strong defense. The outcome can impact your family life, divorce proceedings, and job, and it only makes sense that you have an attorney who knows how domestic violence matters are resolved in New Jersey. 

Always look at the experience, work profile, and credentials of an attorney before you choose to hire them for such critical cases. Take your time to know the lawyer and if they have successfully helped people accused of domestic violence. 

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