Why Is Jathagam Porutham Matching Important For Marriage?

When couples decide on a marriage alliance, it is important to study the important principles. It is done by matching the couple’s horoscope. According to Hindu custom, it is not allowed to tie the knot unless the poruthams are matched. 

Porutham is also known as koota. It is computed and matched with kundali or jathakam. It will be drawn based on the birth stars and zodiac signs of the couple who desire to marry. Earlier, the astrologers were used to chart 20 poruthams. But, on today’s date, only ten poruthams are considered to make the marriage decision of the boy and the girl. It will let them decide whether they should move ahead with the decision or not. You can check out Tamil horoscope matching online to match Porutham for marriage. 

Here we will give you a thorough review of the importance of Jathagam Porutham and learn about the 10 poruthams.

Importance of Jathagam Porutham 

Jathagam Porutham is an essential facet of marriage astrology. It will lead to a harmonious union of two people. It will signify and evaluate the compatibility between the couple. Each porutham has its own significance for various aspects of an individual’s mind, body, and personality, and the impact of each is considered one by one.

Porutham reflects the natural tendencies of the couple based on their horoscopes. It will further show whether they make a perfect match or not.

The five poruthams that are considered important are Gana, Rajju, Rasi, Dina, and Yoni. Astrologers give Rajju and Dina the highest importance to others.

Thirumana Porutham is used in Jathagam Porutham in Tamil online and has 10 poruthams. It will tell you various aspects of married life. Seven are calculated based on Nakshatra matching, which is the birth star matching. The rest of the three are calculated using Rashi or zodiac signs.

10 Important Porutham for Marriage 

Here is the list of important poruthams for marriage. You can also get the 10 porutham for marriage in Tamil

Dina porutham

This porutham is important to figure out the physiological compatibility between the couples. It is associated with factors such as longevity and health of the couple in a relationship or marriage. The dina porutham will reflect how the couple will enjoy post-marriage with a problem-free life.

Mahendra porutham

The Mahendra Porutham shows the ability of the married to give birth to a healthy child. This porutham reflects progeny, longevity, and wealth. Overall, it is associated with children. Therefore, it is the base of the Nakshatra Porutham.

Rasi Porutham

By considering Rasi Porutham, analysis of the partnership between the couple is found. It will help to determine to what extent the overall prosperity will affect each other after marriage. In addition, through this portal, you can find out how the family relationship will impact the marriage.

Rajju Porutham

This porutham will let you know the longevity of the couple’s marriage. It also shows the individual’s longevity in a relationship. Some expert astrologers claim that Rajju Porutham highly reflects the longevity of the husband in the marriage. But many also believe the porutham is centred on both partners involved in a martial bond.

Vedha Porutham

Vedha porutham shows the ability of couples to overcome the challenges and problems in a marriage relationship. It will evaluate how the couple can bring back things on track. It is a very important porutham for marriage as everyone faces difficulties in marriage. It will show the couple’s ability to deal with the situations and get over the problems as quickly as they can.

Gana Porutham

The Gana porutham will let you discover the temperament of the couple who are going to marry. This particular Porutham is considered a major factor when it comes to compatibility. It shows marital and behavioural compatibility between the couple. It can be summarised that Gana Porutham will evaluate the adaptability of two individuals in their marriage with each other.

Vashya Porutham

Vashya porutham will emphasise the harmony between the bride and the groom. So, the meaning of Vashya Porutham is usually considered to be the understandable harmony between the couples in a marriage bond. Although this Vashya porutham is considered not so important, it contributes to the overall prospects of the marriage and the present relationship.

Vashya Porutham will tell you the connection between the couple in a relationship. This porutham signifies the bond between two individuals that contributes to the growth and prosperity of their marriage life. This porutham will help to develop a good bond between life partners based on spiritual and professional growth.

Yoni Porutham

The Yoni Porutham shows the sexual compatibility between the two partners. It mainly focuses on sexual orientation. This means the Yoni Porutham will tell you about the sexual desire of the couple involved in a marriage. It also clarifies the successful mating between the boy and the girl who are about to marry.

When someone has bad Yoni Porutham, it may reflect a less satisfying sexual life. This porutham depends on the Nakshatra yoni. Therefore, it is a Nakshatra-based Porutham.

Nadi Porutham

This porutham depends on three types of Nadi. They are Khapa, Madhya, and Antya Nadi. These are the core of the ancient science of the human body. Nadi is termed in Ayurveda. The meaning of Nadi is the pulse in medical terms. This porutham will evaluate the couple’s health and longevity in the marriage. It also evaluates the happiness of children.

Stree Deergha Porutham

Another porutham that is based in Nakshatra is Stree Deergha. It influences the prosperity and content of the marital relationship. It shows the woman’s image as the ‘Laxmi’ of the family. It will show you how much wealth and happiness she will bring to the relationship. Besides, it also shows the build-up of general prosperity in marriage. Overall, as per the porutham, one’s prosperity is influenced by one’s life partner.

Other Poruthams To Consider For Marriage

Rashyadhipati Porutham

Rashyaadhipati Porutham will tell you about the compatibility of the Rasi and the zodiac signs of the couple. It will evaluate the bond between two planets that are ruling the respective Moon signs of the two individuals who are about to become the bride and groom.

There will be varied opinions on the applications of this program. But, astrologers say that Rashyadhipati Porutham is considered to check the overall compatibility of the marriage. It also shows the friendliness between two people when they have respective interactions. This includes sharing general ideas or just having conversations with each other. The porutham depends on the ruling planet of the respective Rashi. So, it is a Rashi-based Porutham.

Wrapping It Up

So, we come to the conclusion that Poruthams are natural tendencies, and examining each is equally important for a successful marriage. The main purpose behind poruthams is to get a clear insight into different types of compatibility. After you get detailed information related to the main Poruthams, you can figure out the compatibility between the couple.

To compare horoscopes when the kundlis of a couple are matched, the above-mentioned Poruthams are used. We have mentioned 11 above, but astrologers will only use specific ones. But, some astrologers give equal importance to each Porutham. After they follow a weighting system based on 36 gunas where each of the Porutham is evaluated, a final decision will be made. To get Accurate Thirumana Porutham in Tamil, get in touch with Onepage Horoscope. 

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