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If your business uses phones to communicate regularly with partners and customers, there’s no denying that you need a reliable Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone system. This type of system often comes with unique features, which allow you to manage call queues, execute instant messages, set daily reminders, and many more. Bottom line; a good Voice Over Internet Protocol phone system is all you need to keep your business competitive and connected in today’s market.

As with many other systems out there, VOIP phone systems have their own issues. A good example is if the VOIP service often gives you poor call quality. In this case, you may need to consider upgrading the service to a better one. Of course, there are a few more reasons why now may be a good time to upgrade your company’s VOIP phone system – continue reading to find out.

1.   Poor call quality

Poor call quality from VOIP systems may come in different forms. For instance, this issue may come in the form of frequent dropped calls. Other common forms are poor voice quality and call distortions. All these issues are usually caused by a few factors; but “bandwidth” is the main culprit. You’re likely to experience these issues if you have any activity that diverts bandwidth away from the VOIP phone system.

One effective way to address the issue of poor call quality is by upgrading your VOIP system. DWYER IT is a technology consulting firm that can assist in effectively upgrading your system. This company has a team of IT support experts, who can help elevate your company’s phone system.

2.   VOIP scaling issue

It’s normal for businesses to scale up their VOIP phone systems during the peak season. During this period, your communication needs will increase. And as demand increases, you need a reliable system to accommodate them. Here’s one reason why scaling your VOIP phone system is crucial. When the peak season ends, your business will go back to normal and at this point, scaling down the VOIP system is crucial.

That said, are you currently struggling to scale up and down your VOIP system? If yes, this could be because you’re using an outdated system. This will even be a bigger problem for businesses that still use traditional telephone systems. DWYER IT can help you address this issue by providing you with an upgrade system, which is easy to scale up and down.

3.   Security breaches

Cybersecurity breaches come with several devastating consequences, which you certainly don’t want to encounter in your company. If your business still uses an outdated VOIP system, your chances of facing these consequences are pretty high.

If you currently notice any security breaches with your VOIP system, now is certainly the right time to consider an upgrade. This is crucial because security-breached systems are susceptible to cyber-attacks and fraud. DWYER IT can always assist in addressing this issue and ensuring your system is fully upgraded for effective communication.

4.   Outdated features

With the continuous advancement in technology, having an up-to-date VOIP phone system is certainly important. That said, if your business still uses aged hardware and VOIP systems, then you must be missing some key features, which can enhance your communication system.

For efficient communication, you need a system that can seamlessly integrate with third-party systems, such as CRM and conferencing apps. This is another reason why it makes sense to upgrade your phone system.

DWYER IT can provide quality IT support for your business today. This IT firm will provide you with solutions that’ll help elevate your VOIP phone system and cater to your overall communication needs.

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