Umrah Travel Guide for Solo Female

Umrah Travel Guide for Solo Female

Pilgrims Saudi Arabia has launched a wave of changes to ease restrictions on women performing Umrah. This rich history of the Progressive Era reflects this change. Previously, women could not perform the spiritual journey of Umrah alone.  But now more than ever, women can freely experience this spiritual journey of Umrah without Muharram. 

By preparing for the holy Umrah you can take advantage of this blessed and wonderful opportunity. Islamic Travel Agency helps you in every step of your spiritual journey. Islamic Travel offers everything in its Umrah packages all-inclusive from getting an Umrah visa, hotel for your stay, preparing for this spiritual journey and much more. A detailed overview of the payment for this spiritual journey of Umrah for female pilgrims traveling alone, to ensure this spiritual experience of Umrah.

Visa and booking information

An important first step in preparing for this spiritual journey of Umrah is understanding the visa process. The current introduction of Saudi Arabia’s E- VISA system has made this aspect much easier for visitors. We provide you with a hassle- free application process to easy your difficulties. The E-VISA provides multiple entry permits allowing tourists to stay in the country for up to 90 days. It is highly ideal for tourism activities such as family tours, events, entertainment, the sacred spiritual journey of Hajj and Umrah. However, international visitors from 63 Islamic countries can easily submit an E-VISA application through an online portal. 

For complete information about Hajj and Umrah visas, you can contact Islamic Travel agency who will guide you completely. Pilgrims prefer Umrah in December and Ramadan women prefer to go for holy Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan. That is why the reward of Umrah in this holy month also increases and Umrah in December is preferred because the pleasant weather of mecca in December gives peace to the soul. Considering Islamic Travel agency for Umrah packages you can choose December Umrah package and can reap rich benefits from this sacred spiritual journey.

Qatar Airways Cheap Umrah flights

Most of the Business class customers offer the Qatar Airways Business class flights because these are perfect for the passengers who want the shorter stay in the Dubai. Cheap Qatar Airways flights gives the chance to the passengers to get the good number of Qmiles through Umrah flights from UK. Skyward Miles can be checked through the Qatar Airways Manage Booking Online through the website. But for the frequent flyer program you should log in to the Qatar Airways website using your email account and Qatar Airways automatically adds the Qmiles with every mile you cover. These miles can be used for purchasing the upgrades, extra baggage and many other amenities.

You’re All- in- one Umrah journey with Umrahme 

After you get your Umrah visa, the next step is to get interested in booking your spiritual journey. Umrah packages offer package for Umrah with flights, hotel stays. You can decide the package according to your wishes whether you want to visit mecca only or medina as a part of your packages.
Hotel: if you are looking for 3-star, 4- star and 5- star package for relaxation, stay, and accommodation. So, we ensure that we provide the best facilities during Hajj and Umrah.
Flights: Umrah pilgrims are recommended to Jeddah international airport. Jeddah is the main gateway to mecca and is the closest to mecca. Islamic Travel guarantees a seamless experience of holy places and this spiritual journey.

Best Hotels for Solo women near Masjid al-Haram

This is the purpose of traveling solo make your spiritual journey of Umrah be peaceful. Comfortable accommodation near masjid al- Haram recommended to ensure a hassle-free experience. If you want to see the ideal view of the Kaaba, then you have to choose the ideal hotels in mecca. Staying close mean you do not need to Travel extra. Being a solo traveler offers you more time to focus on your spiritual journey.
The top 5 hotels near masjid al-Haram with Kaaba view.

· Fairmont Mecca clock Royal Tower

· Raffles Mecca palace Hotel

· Jabbal Omar Marriott Hotel Mecca

· Hilton suites Mecca

· Dar al- Tawhid intercontinental

· Al- Marwah Rayhaan Hotel

The top 5 hotel near masjid al- Nabvi in Madinah

· Al- Shorfa Restaurant

· The Oberoi Madinah

· Anwar al- Madinah MovenPick hotel

· Pullman zamzam Madinah

· Al- Baik Hotel in Madinah

· Shahd al-Madinah  

Umrah preparation for solo female

Once you have arranged the visa and booking for this spiritual journey of holy Umrah, it is time to get ready to perform for your spiritual journey.

Umrah packing accessories
Umrah packing requires careful thought in making Umrah accessories.

· Traveling documents

· Ihram clothing

· Extra clothes

· Personal hygiene products

· Comfortable footwear

· Extra hijabs

· Medication and first aid kit

· Electronic devices and accessories

Keeping Documents Handy
keep your necessary documents with you to avoid any hassle in your sacred spiritual journey. Carry a mini bag on your body, always keep your documents like ID card, passport, VISA printout, and hotel reservation with you inside this bag. So, that you can save your time and not face any problems during this holy journey.
Plan before Departure
check all your documents and preparations before departure. Keep copies of your flights, hotel accommodation, and all other documents for you convenience. If you face any problems, you can contact Islamic Travel agents immediately. We are always ready to help you may your holy journey of Umrah be easy.

12 Essential Tips for Solo Female Pilgrims Performing Umrah

performing for the sacred of Umrah is an unforgettable experience and a blessing. It is a sacred act of worship. Apart from the rituals of female Muslim pilgrims, it is very important to keep some important points in mind.
No mahram needed
Recently, the Saudi ministry has made a law that any female traveler performing Umrah can enter the kingdom for Umrah without Muharram. It is not mandatory to be accompanied by a Muharram to performing Umrah. A women can perform the holy Umrah alone.
Ihram clothes for women
Unlike men, the rules regarding ihram are not strict for women. Women can wear any type of clothing to enter the state of ihram. However, the clothes should be neat and clean. Women are free to wear any color of clothes, provided that their entire body is covered. Except for their face and hands. In the state of ihram, women often wear a white or black hijab and Abaya. Women are also recommended to wear socks in the state of ihram.
Wearing the ihram
Put on ihram before entering Masjid al- Haram to perform Tawaf. It is necessary to enter the ihram before crossing the Miqat, and it is necessary to perform ablution before leaving the house.
Performing the Umrah rituals
putting on ihram, circumambulating the house of Kaaba, performing Safa and Marwah, Halq and Taqseer Umrah, all these rituals are the same for all Muslims. Umrah is incomplete without performing all these rituals. Maximum rewards can be earned by performing all these rituals.

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