Top Scenic Road Trips Perfect for Sprinter Bus Rentals

Experiencing a drive is like no other adventure full with exploration, luxury, and stunning views. Wouldn’t you like to discover these natural wonders up close? If so, why not choose a Sprinter bus rental. Having open spaces, splendid features, and reliable operation, Sprinter buses enable one to travel the beauty of the open road in a way much better than all the other modes of transportation. Here are the top scenic road trip routes that will be full of adventure and excitement across the globe.

Pacific Coast Highway (California, USA):

The winding Pacific Coast Highway travels beside the Pacific Ocean, passing through gorgeous coastal towns, and crashing by amazing landmarks, such as Big Sur and the Golden Gate Bridge. Check out the majestic Big Sur coastline with its towering cliffs and thunderous waves or visit Santa Barbara and bask in its colonial Spanish Architecture and calm beaches. Whether you are hitting the beaches at the relaxed surf towns of Malibu or starting at the highest point at the Muir Woods with its towering redwoods, the Pacific Coast Highway guarantees a marvelous ride packed with natural wonders and coastal life.

Blue Ridge Parkway (North Carolina & Virginia, USA): 

The Blue Ridge Parkway takes travelers into the Appalachian Mountains, unfolding breath-taking mountain views, forests, and miles of fall foliage, an amazing sight Take in the breathtaking views from Crowns or hike up to the stunning waterfall at Craggy Gardens. Through its seamless and picturesque routes with many pull-off opportunities for a break, the Blue Ridge Parkway lends itself to an endless love affair with the outdoors and leisurely exploration. Plunge into the area’s long history and traditions by visiting famous destinations, including the Blue Ridge Music Center, or exploring tiny villages, like Asheville and Boone.

Icefields Parkway (Alberta, Canada):

Icefield Parkway is not only Jasper National Park, but also Banff National Park, which is depicted with numerous beautiful pictures. It is shown with turquoise lakes, towering glaciers, and majestic mountain peaks, which are very photogenic. Take the time to photograph the most emblematic views like Athabasca Glacier and Peyto Lake and if desired, take individual panoramic shots for your postcard album. Discover the benefits of hiking and viewing wildlife along with touring the glacier walk where you have the chance to enjoy nature in its purest form. The Icefields Parkway not only has its great views and a bunch of wildlife but also brings us near the core of the Canadian Rockies. The drive provides an amazing journey that is completely unforgettable.

Ring Road (Iceland): 

Following the circular ring around Iceland, the Ring Road resembling the country’s landscapes presents a vivid and diverse scenery from mountains, volcanoes to waterfalls and hot springs, and finally coastal cliffs. Reside to where indeed the celestial scenery of the places as the Blue Lagoon, Seljalandsfoss, and the black sand beaches of Vik is unbelievable. Walk along the pleasant scenery here glacier shots and caves. Moreover, you can obtain a view of the glaciers and ice caves awaiting discovery. If you’re after the remarkable feeling of dips in the swimming pool called hot springs or watching the grandeur a geothermal geyser exhibits, Iceland’s Ring Road will offer you an experience entirely unique from others; with unrivaled natural beauty to boot.

Scottish Highlands (Scotland):

The great Scottish Highlands offer a sight feast: the endless shimmering lochs, imposing castles, and mysterious mist-covered moors known for the stories out of the ancient past and the myths. Visit such emblematic monuments as Eilean Donan Castle and Glenfinnan Viaduct, which have been sources of inspiration throughout time from visitors around the world. Dive deeper into the area’s remarkable cultural past by visiting places of great significance such as Culloden Battlefield and Dunvegan Castle, the Isle of Skye. Whether you are in search of Nessie in the Loch Ness or trekking in the hills and mountains this is an experience that is not to be missed as you journey your way through one of the most stunning areas in Europe.

Norwegian Fjords (Norway):

Norway’s fjords-rich coastline presents travelers with amazing views of pristine nature, such as cliffs that rise to the sky, waterfalls that surge with water, and fjords that have been carved for ages by ancient glaciers. Hike to the landslide, where you can see glaciers or White-water rafting, or kayaking on the pristine water of fjords. Walking or biking along the fjord’s landscapes will take you to these beautifully hidden small villages, where you will be amazed by the wooden houses, stave churches, and everything else that links the past to the existence of local people. From getting lost in the splendor of the northern lights to witnessing the magic under the midnight sun, discover the Norwegian fjords on a journey that will fill you with wonder and envy.

Garden Route (South Africa):

Trace of the Garden Route, which extends to the country’s southern coast, draws tourists to the lush forests, incredible beaches, and wildlife sanctuaries where they can relax amidst the cultural and gastronomic pleasures Lush vegetation, amazing beaches, and parks where game can be enjoyed surrounded by culture and gastronomy. Visit the beautiful Tsitsikamma National Park with its shade-forming trees which are hundreds of years old and dotted with amazing coastal views that are a dream to visitors. Discover the unique aquatic wildlife of Plettenberg Bay and thrill yourself with a safari trip in Adele Elephant National Park. Indulge in stimulating seafood at roadside restaurants and local wines along the route. End the day by leaning back and enjoying the atmosphere of seaside towns Knysna and Mossel Bay. Whether you are in pursuit of adventure or just looking for the chance to quietly wind down, the Garden Route offers you a rich collection of the excitement of its natural terrain and the delights of its culture.

New Zealand’s South Island Circuit (New Zealand):

The South Island of New Zealand, encircled in the distance, is a land of unparalleled natural beauty – from the towering peaks covered in snow, the serenity of shining lakes, to the coastlines that roll with crashing sea, slicing into the shadowed forests that look as though they have tumbled out of Middle-earth. Cohesively go through the dramatic Fiordland National Park scenes, where deep fjords and sprawling forests create a natural area that gets one very connected with nature. Lake Tekapo’s turquoise water and the Aoraki/Mount Cook mountain peaks masterfully hold the title of the highest mountains in New Zealand. Start your adventure with a narrow-gauge railway, TranzAlpine, or jump to things like bungee jumping or heli-skiing to release their adrenaline. Whether you’re wandering through Queenstown’s charming town or Maori culture and heritage you will go through a panoramic trip of New Zealand’s South Island Circuit which offers an ultimate journey filled with unforgettable memories and experiences amid some of the world’s most gorgeous natural sceneries.

Bottom Line

Embarking on any of these scenic road trip routes in a Sprinter bus rental promises an unparalleled adventure filled with exploration, luxury, and stunning views. From the majestic Pacific Coast Highway in California to the breathtaking fjords of Norway, each journey offers unique landscapes and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re marveling at the fall foliage on the Blue Ridge Parkway, exploring the mystical Scottish Highlands, or soaking in the geothermal wonders of Iceland’s Ring Road, a Sprinter bus provides the perfect blend of comfort and reliability for your travels. Discover the vibrant culture along South Africa’s Garden Route or the pristine beauty of New Zealand’s South Island Circuit, where every twist and turn reveals a new marvel. With ample space, splendid features, and a smooth ride, a Sprinter bus rental ensures you can fully immerse yourself in the natural wonders and cultural treasures that await. Choose Alliance Limo’s luxury bus services for your next road trip and experience the beauty of the open road like never before.

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