Top 10 best schools in Agra for world-class education

Parents must choose the best school for their children with utmost care. Several factors should be considered when selecting a school, including student-teacher ratio, infrastructure, academic excellence, teaching staff, the school’s philosophy and values, etc. A list of the Agra top 10 schools is here to help parents choose a suitable school near their area of residence.

Top 10 schools in Agra that offer world-class education for students

Choosing the right school for your child can be daunting. Here are the Agra top 10 schools to help make your choice easier.

  1. Sharda World School:

Sharda World School in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, is regarded as one of the leading boarding schools. Its education system is built on the basics of five elements, also known as panchamahabhutas, that make up all existence. This system ensures that apart from gaining knowledge, students learn to live with these five elements at peace with themselves through its unique method of teaching, also known as pedology.

  1. The International School Agra:

This is one of Agra’s top 10 schools, and it is of international quality. The school is linked with the Central Board of Secondary Education and offers a very high level of learning. Both curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal weight in the school. This ensures that the children discover their underlying weaknesses but perform above average within society.

  1. DPS, Agra:

Across India, there are numerous world-class schools functioning under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society, and they are known as Delhi Public Schools. Even students who complete their 12th-class education at the school perform well in the CBSE board exams every year.

  1. Prelude Public School Agra:

Prelude is a school for boys and girls. It is known for its high level of instruction and advanced teaching methods. In addition, the school provides many other academic and nonacademic activities. The full youth progression is rendered at its campus, and it is also a constituent of the CBSE system.

  1. GD Goenka public school, Agra:

The aim of this school is to enhance the quality of school education in Agra. The school takes a proactive approach to education and keeps exploring new areas of teaching and learning. This is one of the Agra top 10 schools, with spacious classrooms, central air conditioning, and other infrastructure as per international standards.

  1. Sri Chaitanya School, Agra:

In Agra’s Sri Chaitanya School, a synthesis of international-standard curriculum and up-to-date pedagogical approaches focuses equally on physical, mental, and personality development; the institution is dedicated to training tomorrow’s captains.

  1. Boston Public School:

The school offers world-class CBSE education with dedicated faculty, well-equipped labs and world-class infrastructure. The motto of this school is to create a blend of intelligent and wise children who are able to compete as independent individuals on a global stand. The school has a team of trained and highly motivated teachers who strive for the all-round development of every child.

  1. Dr Maria Residential Academy:

This is one of the top boarding schools in Agra. Its aim is to discover and promote the talents of each student. Both curricular and co-curricular activities are planned carefully to suit each student and foster their growth. 

  1. Maa Bhagwati public school:

The ultimate aim of this school is to offer high-quality education for children living in urban and rural areas. The school’s vision is to impart quality education to its students by creating a spirit of excellence, enabling students to face all the challenges of life with tremendous courage and equanimity.

  1. Heritage Global School:

This is one of the Agra top 10 schools that offers boarding cum day scholar education. Education in these schools focuses on the all-round development of the child with a keen focus on the discipline of the child. The school offers equal importance to academic and sports activities and focuses on the holistic development of the child. 

How should we choose a school?

Here is a clear checklist of what parents have to consider before choosing the best school for their child.

  • Parents should choose the school close to the residence. This prevents the child from getting tired from travelling long distances.
  • We should check the student-teacher ratio of the school. This makes sure that the child gets the required attention from the teacher.
  • Parents should also check the educational curriculum that the school follows.
  • We also have to check the infrastructure and other facilities in the school.
  • Parents should decide on the board of education in the school and decide what best suits the child.  


What are the different educational curricula that schools in Agra follow?

Numerous curriculum options, including ICSE, CBSE, SSC, IG, and Cambridge curricula, are available for schools in Agra.

Bottom Line:

Schools hold an important place in the life of the child. It is where they get their first friends and learn to be independent individuals. It is imperative that we choose the best school for the child, that creates a secure environment to help them learn, play and develop into confident individuals. The Agra top 10 schools ensure that children get world-class education through a holistic approach. 

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