This Is How Easy It Is to Make Your Own Branded Virtual Background

Making and using a custom branded virtual background is one of the easiest ways to look professional and protect your privacy while video conferencing. Many Zoom and Microsoft Teams users do not know how to create virtual backgrounds. You can learn how to customize and set up your own branded virtual background in a matter of minutes. 

Use Your Own Logo

Getting a high-resolution image file of your business logo is the first step towards making a custom branded background. A logo image on a transparent background is ideal for uploading to a virtual background. Using an image file of the best available quality allows for a more natural-looking brand logo and can ensure that the name of your business will be easy to read on a virtual background. 

Other tips for designing a professional logo background include selecting a setting that has a complementary style of decor. A minimalist logo is likely to go well with modern office design, while a more ornate logo could hold its own in a more elaborately decorated space. You should also consider whether the color palette of a background complements your logo. 

Use Multiple Office Spaces

When you upload your logo to one office background, you will see how easy it is to make branded virtual backgrounds. If you would like to try out different backgrounds, you should consider upgrading to a package of premium virtual offices to be able to choose from a variety of designs with space to display your logo.

A choice of backgrounds makes it easy to use different branded backgrounds based on the occasion. Try a cozy office for one-on-one calls or opt for a building lobby or conference room during larger meetings or events. Whether you decide to switch backgrounds between calls and conferences or you want to find the perfect branded background for your business, it can be worthwhile to have access to an assortment of background designs.

Try a Seasonal Background

Using a seasonally themed background is an easy way to add a special touch to virtual meetings. Other participants are likely to appreciate your attention to detail, which can also keep your presentations fresh and timely. Choose from virtual backgrounds that feature holiday decorations or windows that display seasonal landscapes.

While holiday and seasonal backgrounds can make any virtual event more festive, you also have the option to choose from backgrounds with decor inspired by cities around the world. These backgrounds can evoke casual or professional settings suitable for any occasion.

Set Up Your Custom Background

Making a branded background is as easy as choosing from free Microsoft Teams backgrounds or premium designs and uploading a high-resolution business logo image. Once you save your custom background, all you need to do is select this image in any video conferencing application that supports virtual backgrounds. 

Now that you know how to make custom virtual backgrounds, you can design a branded background to use for all of your business meetings and calls. A high-quality logo file is all you need to maintain consistent branding any time you decide to change your background.

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