The Average Cost of Professional Roof Cleaning Port Saint Lucie FL

If the roof of your Port Saint Lucie home or business is covered in unsightly stains, mold, mildew or just looks dirty, a professional roof cleaning service can help restore its appearance. But how much does it cost to get your roof professionally cleaned in Port Saint Lucie, FL and what should you expect for your money? Here’s an overview of the average costs associated with professional roof cleaning services.

What Affects the Cost of Roof Cleaning in Port Saint Lucie?

Several key factors impact the overall price charged by companies offering roof cleaning in the Port Saint Lucie area including:

  • Roof size – Larger roofs take longer to clean and require more chemicals and supplies, increasing costs.
  • Roof height – Taller, multi-story homes are trickier and take longer to access safely adding to expenses.
  • Roof type – Tile, metal, asphalt shingle, flat roofing materials each have different cleaning needs.
  • Extent of stains/growth – Heavily stained or mold/algae-covered roofs need more intensive treatments, especially if neglected for years.
  • Access issues – Limited access for ladders or equipment means more set up work and time.
  • Additional services – Repairs, seam sealing, granule replacement, power washing patios/walls all add to the final bill.

Keeping these factors in mind, most professional Roof Cleaning Port Saint Lucie FL Near Me charge an average of 10 to 20 cents per square foot for roof cleaning alone. This estimate increases to 15 to 30 cents per square foot on average when you factor in some or all the services above that may apply to your particular roof.

For a standard single family suburban home with approximately 1,500 to 2,500 square feet of total roof space, you can expect to invest $150 to $750+ for a thorough professional roof cleaning service in the city depending on its condition and other needs.

What’s Included in Professional Roof Cleaning Services

When you hire a professional roof cleaning company, what exactly are you paying for? Generally, a basic roof cleaning service includes:

  • Initial roof inspection – Identify roof type, extent of buildup, access issues and needs.
  • Pressure washing – Powerful pressure washer removes mold, mildew, loose dirt and debris.
  • Chemical treatment – EPA-registered cleaning solutions lift stubborn stains from all roof materials.
  • Scrubbing/agitation – Manual scrubbing with a soft brush helps break down stubborn buildup that chemicals activate.
  • Rinsing – Low-PSI rinse removes chemicals and residue after timed contact period.
  • Roof/property protection – Shield vulnerable areas like landscaping, AC units, windows from overspray.
  • Safety setup – Use fall protection equipment, block off work areas at ground level during service.
  • Cleanup – Remove all equipment, supplies and debris from site once completed.

Additional services like granule replacement, seam sealing, leak repairs, flashing installation, patio/driveway cleaning incur extra fees but may seriously be needed to complement the roof cleaning itself depending on its condition.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional in Port Saint Lucie, FL

Some homeowners consider trying to tackle roof cleaning themselves with a rented power washer and chemicals purchased at their local home improvement store. However, this often leads to disappointment and damage over time.

The risks of DIY roof cleaning include:

  • Inability to fully remove difficult stains and mold growth leading to continued roof deterioration.
  • Using the wrong chemical concentrations and cleaning methods which erodes your roof faster.
  • Failing to completely rinse off chemicals which leads to ugly residue stains later.
  • Permanently discoloring or streaking your roof with improper pressure washing techniques.
  • Damaging landscaping, exterior walls, windows, HVAC systems with uncontrolled overspray.
  • Serious injury risks from falls or electrical shock without proper setup and precautions.

Roof Cleaning Port Saint Lucie FL professionals have the specialized gear, training and experience to safely restore your roof to like-new condition without any of the headaches or property damage risks. Plus reputable companies offer satisfaction guarantees and warranties for their roof cleaning work.

Although hiring a company may cost more upfront than doing it yourself, the long-term benefits of proper cleaning performed to manufacturer specifications saves major roof replacement and repair costs down the road.

What to Look for in a Local Roof Cleaning Company

When searching for the best value on roof cleaning services in the Port Saint Lucie, FL vicinity, be sure to look for:

  • Established local reputation & multi-year history in the area
  • Extensive before/after photo galleries of past roof cleaning work
  • Specialization in all types of Florida roof materials and building styles
  • Personnel thoroughly trained and experienced with roof cleaning methods
  • All necessary licenses, insurance coverage protecting your property
  • EPA-registered, environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Availability of complementary services as needed – repairs, pressure washing, etc.
  • Detailed quotes clearly outlining what is and isn’t included
  • Satisfaction guarantee for achieving noticeably cleaner roof

One trusted local roof cleaning company meeting the above criteria is Castle Keeper’s Maintenance operating in Port Saint Lucie, FL and surrounding areas. For over 15 years, their experts have safely and effectively restored dirty roofs on over 10,000 Treasure Coast area structures.

They specialize in removing the toughest mold, mildew and roof stains from every type of residential or commercial roofing material all while protecting landscaping and property. Castle Keeper’s Maintenance offers affordable quotes for basic roof cleaning services along with highly rated complementary offerings like pressure washing, vent cleaning, gutter installation, interior mold removal.

Contact Castle Keeper’s Maintenance today at (772) 646-9685 for a free estimate on renewing your Port Saint Lucie roof appearance while avoiding the frustrations and risks of DIY attempts. Their highly trained specialists have access to professional grade equipment and cleaning agents homeowners don’t along with the experience to restore your roof’s  beauty affordably. Investing in regular professional cleanings now preserves your most important asset – your home or building’s exterior and structural integrity – saving thousands later.

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