Revolutionizing Women’s Cycling: The Story Behind Jelenew

Jelenew is changing the way women’s cycling clothes are made. They shine in professional cycling’s fast-paced, stylish, efficient world. Jelenew is the first haute couture professional cycle label made just for women. It was created by combining the functionality of cycling with the style of haute couture.

A Fusion of Culture and Innovation:

Jelenew’s book brings together the US with Paris, the world’s fashion center. Jelenew designers believe women should have more than riding gear. They want to empower women worldwide with their knowledge and experience.

Jelenew creative leader Liu Di has worked for CHANEL haute couture for years. This signifies the company is deeply rooted in haute couture. Marion Clignet, Jelenew co-creator and Olympic and world cycling gold medalist, mixes fashion and sports. She led a dedicated community of female athletes, establishing a real-time feedback system.

Jelenew Lab: Where Science Meets Style:

Drape tailoring and female anatomy research in the Jelenew Lab inspire innovation. Jelenew works with diverse athletes and women to produce sports equipment for women. Jelenew’s revolutionary creations are born in the lab’s Parisian and American locations.

Tailored Collections for Every Cyclist:

Collections by Jelenew meet the varying needs of women bikers in various situations.

1.     Cycling Pro:

The Cycling Pro Collection showcases commitment to fabrics and tailoring for female riders. For rides of 3 to 7 hours, this collection ensures smooth functioning.

2.     Endurance Cycling:

The Endurance Cycling Collection has multi-purpose materials. Moreover, CurveTec™ a protective technology for cyclists on lengthy rides over 7 hours. This line offers maximum protection and comfort with constructions customized to women’s anthropometrics.

3.     Cycling Life:

Jelenew’s Cycling Life Collection embodies leisure rides, commuting, and a cycling-inspired lifestyle. This collection combines elegance and function to revitalize active ladies.

Our Community

Jelenew Women’s Sports and its Initiatives want to make society more equal. She builds organizations to empower women to tell their tales. We’re sure sports improve life. Sports let people express themselves and find freedom in a world of challenges. However, some women face safety concerns when playing sports to better their health.

At the core of Jelenew’s ethos lies a dedication to inclusivity and empowerment. We seek to eliminate bias and other barriers to playing by bringing together sports fans. Jelenew fully supports efforts to improve the lives of the impoverished in his area. We work together with communities to solve challenges and ensure sports are welcoming.

Furthermore, our commitment extends to supporting women athletes in reaching their peak performance. This aid includes technical gear, apparel, PR, and fundraising. Jelenew will stop once women athletes are recognized and supported.

Our dedication to fostering a better world goes beyond mere financial contributions. Jelenew partners with human rights organizations like Women of the World in Utah and Dream Big! in Boston in community activities and campaigns. Women’s sports must establish strong communities to promote such activities. We aim to encourage women in sports by educating and nurturing the community.

Sustainable Production and Design at Jelenew:

Jelenew champions sustainable production and design to combat textile overproduction in the fashion industry. We recognize fashion waste’s environmental impact and are committed to reducing it. We carefully choose recycled polyester, recyclable fibers, organic cotton textiles, and accessories. Jelenew’s jerseys and bibs are made from 100% recyclable polyester and nylon chemical fiber. We carefully choose recycled polyester, recyclable fibers, organic cotton textiles, and accessories. Jelenew’s jerseys and bibs are made from 100% recyclable polyester and nylon chemical fiber.

By working with Bluesign and OEKO-TEX-certified suppliers, we help build a sustainable community. 95% of our fabrics are certified. We invest in research and development to create and promote new sustainable textiles and accessories.

Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging:

Jelenew actively promotes sustainable packaging to reduce overpackaging’s environmental impact. Our use of biodegradable materials shows our dedication to raising ecological awareness. The use of recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials showcases our commitment to responsible practices.

In the future, we want all our packaging materials to be FSC-certified to meet strict sustainability criteria. Our packaging is carefully tailored to reduce material usage and waste without compromising product protection and safety. All Jelenew packaging is designed to be reusable, and we urge consumers to recycle or repurpose it. We promote ethical and ecologically conscious practices with our comprehensive approach to sustainable packaging.


In conclusion, Jelenew stands as a beacon of change in women’s cycling, not just as a brand but as a movement. With its roots in haute couture, innovation-driven lab, revolutionary CurveTec™ technology, and a diverse range of tailored collections. Jelenew is more than just cycling apparel. It’s a celebration of authenticity, empowerment, and the unbridled spirit of women breaking boundaries on and off the road. Revolutionizing women’s cycling is not just a goal for Jelenew. It’s a journey towards a future where every woman can ride with confidence and style.

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