Maine Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Maine Captions For Instagram

Maine, the easternmost state in the United States, is known for its beautiful landscapes, rugged coastlines, and charming towns. From Acadia National Park to Portland’s Old Port, there are plenty of stunning sights to capture and share on Instagram. Whether you’re a Maine native or a visitor exploring the Pine Tree State for the first time, adding a caption or quote to your Instagram post can help capture the essence of your experience.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best Maine captions and quotes for Instagram to help you elevate your social media game and share your love for Maine with the world.

Maine Instagram Captions

Maine is a picturesque state with stunning natural scenery, charming towns, and a unique culture. Whether you’re exploring the rocky coastlines, hiking in the mountains, or indulging in lobster rolls and blueberry pie, Maine offers endless opportunities for Instagram-worthy moments. Crafting the perfect caption to accompany your Maine Instagram post can help capture the beauty and essence of your experience.

  1. “Maine is not just a state, it’s a state of mind.”
  2. “Maine, where the sun meets the sea.”
  3. “Life is better in Maine.”
  4. “Maine, the way life should be.”
  5. “Maine, a place where the mountains meet the sea.”
  6. “Maine, the land of lobster and lighthouses.”
  7. “Maine, where the wilderness meets the water.”
  8. “Maine, where every season is beautiful.”
  9. “Maine, the perfect escape from the everyday.”
  10. “In Maine, we don’t hide from the winter, we embrace it.”
  11. “Maine, where the tides and the memories never fade.”
  12. “Maine, a place where adventure is just a step away.”
  13. “Maine, where the sky is bigger and the air is fresher.”
  14. “Maine, where the leaves turn gold and the air turns crisp.”
  15. “Maine, a place to get lost in nature and find yourself.”
  16. “Maine, where the sunsets are as beautiful as the people.”
  17. “Maine, a state that feeds the soul.”
  18. “Maine, where the rocky coastlines meet the quaint towns.”
  19. “Maine, a place where the outdoors are always in season.”
  20. “Maine, where you can hear the ocean from the mountaintops.”
  21. “Maine, a place where the past meets the present.”
  22. “Maine, where the mountains meet the sky.”
  23. “Maine, a place to slow down and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.”
  24. “Maine, where the stars shine brighter and the nights are quieter.”
  25. “Maine, where every road leads to adventure.”
  26. “Maine, where you can find peace in the midst of chaos.”
  27. “Maine, where the history is as rich as the scenery.”
  28. “Maine, a place where dreams become memories.”
  29. “Maine, where you can hear the whispers of the sea.”
  30. “Maine, a place to reconnect with nature and yourself.”
  31. “Maine, where the beauty never gets old.”
  32. “Maine, where the woods are your playground.”
  33. “Maine, a place where the world slows down.”
  34. “Maine, where the sun rises early and sets late.”
  35. “Maine, where the water is always inviting.”
  36. “Maine, a place where you can find your own path.”
  37. “Maine, where the wildlife is as diverse as the landscapes.”
  38. “Maine, a place to breathe in and let go.”
  39. “Maine, where the fog adds mystery to the scenery.”
  40. “Maine, where the autumn leaves paint the town red.”
  41. “Maine, a place to embrace the beauty of imperfection.”
  42. “Maine, where you can hear the whispers of history.”
  43. “Maine, where the seasons change but the beauty remains.”
  44. “Maine, where the mountains whisper their secrets.”
  45. “Maine, a place where the mind and body are at peace.”
  46. “Maine, where the wilderness awakens the soul.”
  47. “Maine, where the beauty is in the details.”
  48. “Maine, where you can find your own rhythm.”
  49. “Maine, where the sea meets the sky.”
  50. “Maine, a place where the journey is as beautiful as the destination.”

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Cute Maine Captions

  1. “Maine-ly happy to be here!”
  2. “This Maine attraction is a must-see!”
  3. “Life is better with lobstah in Maine!”
  4. “Maine is calling, and I must go!”
  5. “Maine-ly enjoying the ocean views!”
  6. “Maine has my heart!”
  7. “Maine: where the scenery is always breathtaking.”
  8. “Maine: the perfect place for a cozy getaway.”
  9. “Maine: where the lighthouses guide your way.”
  10. “Maine: where adventure awaits around every corner.”
  11. “Maine: where the seafood is always fresh and delicious.”
  12. “Maine: where the leaves turn to gold in the fall.”
  13. “Maine: a place where memories are made.”
  14. “Maine: where the rocky coast meets the sea.”
  15. “Maine: where the mountains touch the sky.”
  16. “Maine: where relaxation is a way of life.”
  17. “Maine: where the air is crisp and refreshing.”
  18. “Maine: where the sunsets are nothing short of spectacular.”
  19. “Maine: a place where dreams come true.”
  20. “Maine: where the charm is irresistible.”
  21. “Maine: where the culture is rich and vibrant.”
  22. “Maine: where the people are friendly and welcoming.”
  23. “Maine: where the past meets the present.”
  24. “Maine: where the outdoors are always calling.”
  25. “Maine: where the beaches are pristine and beautiful.”
  26. “Maine: where the winters are chilly but magical.”
  27. “Maine: a place where you can find peace and tranquility.”
  28. “Maine: where every season is worth experiencing.”
  29. “Maine: a place that will steal your heart.”
  30. “Maine: where you’ll never want to leave.”

Funny Maine Captions

  1. “Maine, where the lobsters are always red and the tourists are always confused.”
  2. “Maine, where winter lasts 9 months and the other 3 are just bad sledding.”
  3. “I came to Maine for the lobsters, but stayed for the blueberries.”
  4. “Maine, where the weather is just a suggestion.”
  5. “Maine, where we don’t tan, we rust.”
  6. “I love Maine because the mosquitoes are big enough to carry away the black flies.”
  7. “Maine, where we have two seasons: winter and July.”
  8. “Maine, where the only thing hotter than the lobster is the sunburn.”
  9. “Maine, where the only thing more unpredictable than the weather is the tourists.”
  10. “Maine, where you can’t get there from here, but you can get lost trying.”
  11. “Maine, where the moose outnumber the people.”
  12. “Maine, where we have four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction.”
  13. “Maine, where the only thing flat is the accent.”
  14. “Maine, where the lobsters are always fresh and the jokes are always cheesy.”
  15. “Maine, where the blueberries are small but the lobsters are big.”
  16. “Maine, where we measure snow in feet, not inches.”
  17. “Maine, where the state bird is the mosquito.”
  18. “Maine, where the winters are long and the spring is just a rumor.”
  19. “Maine, where the deer and the moose play rock-paper-scissors for the right of way.”
  20. “Maine, where we don’t have traffic, we have ‘summer people’.”
  21. “Maine, where we don’t need Starbucks, we have LL Bean.”
  22. “Maine, where the only thing faster than the lobsters are the lobstah rolls.”
  23. “Maine, where we don’t tan, we freckle.”
  24. “Maine, where the blueberries are so good, even the bears can’t resist them.”
  25. “Maine, where we have more lobsters than people.”
  26. “Maine, where the only thing more stubborn than the weather is the locals.”
  27. “Maine, where we don’t need therapy, we have the ocean.”
  28. “Maine, where we have more moose crossing signs than stop signs.”
  29. “Maine, where we don’t need a gym membership, we have Acadia National Park.”
  30. “Maine, where we don’t have traffic lights, we have lobster traps.”

Maine Sayings

  1. “You can’t get there from here.” – A common response to directions in rural areas of Maine.
  2. “Ayuh.” – A classic Maine affirmation or agreement.
  3. “Wicked good.” – A phrase used to describe something as excellent or impressive.
  4. “Down East.” – Refers to the coastal region of Maine.
  5. “From away.” – Refers to anyone who is not originally from Maine.
  6. “The way life should be.” – Maine’s official state slogan.
  7. “I’m just gonna go get a Moxie.” – Refers to the beloved, locally-made soda.
  8. “You can’t beat a Maine summer.” – A sentiment shared by many Mainers.
  9. “A cold wind off the water.” – Refers to the chilly coastal breeze.
  10. “The County.” – Refers to Aroostook County, the northernmost region of Maine.
  11. “Blueberry season.” – Refers to the peak time for harvesting Maine’s famous wild blueberries.
  12. “Lobstah.” – How Mainers pronounce “lobster.”
  13. “The way life oughta be.” – A variation of Maine’s state slogan.
  14. “Cah.” – How Mainers pronounce “car.”
  15. “No see ’ems.” – Refers to the pesky biting insects that are prevalent during the summer months.
  16. “Maineiac.” – A term of endearment for someone who loves Maine.
  17. “The big city.” – Refers to Portland, Maine’s largest city.
  18. “Bean boots.” – Refers to the popular L.L.Bean boots worn by many Mainers.
  19. “Red hot dogs.” – A unique Maine food item that is bright red and delicious.
  20. “Up to camp.” – Refers to a weekend getaway to a remote cabin or cottage.
  21. “The way life used to be.” – A sentiment shared by some Mainers who long for a simpler time.
  22. “Pothole season.” – Refers to the bumpy roads that occur after the winter thaw.
  23. “Maine Black Bears.” – Refers to the University of Maine’s sports teams.
  24. “Maine maple syrup.” – A delicious local treat.
  25. “Maine potatoes.” – Refers to the state’s famous potato industry.
  26. “Maine accent.” – The distinct way of speaking that is common among Mainers.
  27. “The Maine woods.” – Refers to the vast forests that cover much of the state.
  28. “Maine maritime heritage.” – Refers to the state’s rich nautical history.
  29. “Maine winters.” – Refers to the long, cold, and snowy winters that Mainers endure.
  30. “Maine way.” – Refers to the unique and independent spirit of Maine and its people.

Maine Puns

  1. “Maine is lobstah-licious!”
  2. “Maine, the way life should beary”
  3. “Maine, don’t moose out on this opportunity”
  4. “Maine, where the view is always peak-fect”
  5. “Maine, let’s shell-abrate!”
  6. “Maine, where the weather is always pine”
  7. “Maine, the blueberry capital of the world”
  8. “Maine, where the autumn leaves are fall-entastic”
  9. “Maine, where the air is so clean, you can sea it”
  10. “Maine, where the lighthouse shines brighter than my future”
  11. “Maine, where the fog is always mist-ical”
  12. “Maine, where the lobsters are claw-some”
  13. “Maine, where the seafood is fin-tastic”
  14. “Maine, where the hiking trails are treemendous”
  15. “Maine, where the locals are wicked friendly”
  16. “Maine, where the fall foliage is unbe-leaf-able”
  17. “Maine, where the beaches are shore-ly beautiful”
  18. “Maine, where the winters are snow joke”
  19. “Maine, where the fresh air is a breath of pine-scented relief”
  20. “Maine, where the lobsters are so good, they’ll make you claw-some”
  21. “Maine, where the blueberries are berry-licious”
  22. “Maine, where the adventure is always out there”
  23. “Maine, where the tides are constantly changing but the lobsters are always delicious”
  24. “Maine, where the seafood is so fresh, it’s practically off the hook”
  25. “Maine, where the sunsets are wicked awesome”
  26. “Maine, where the pine trees are so tall, they make skyscrapers look like saplings”
  27. “Maine, where the locals are all Maine-iacs”
  28. “Maine, where the lobsters are so good, they make everything else look crabby”
  29. “Maine, where the moose sightings are always an antler-esting experience”
  30. “Maine, where the wildlife is bear-y impressive.”

Maine Quotes

Maine is a state known for its rugged coastlines, scenic landscapes, and unique culture. From famous writers to everyday residents, many have been inspired by the beauty of Maine and have left behind memorable quotes that capture its essence.

  1. “Maine, the way life should be.” – Maine State Slogan
  2. “I have a house in Maine, where I escape to write.” – Stephen King
  3. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Cousteau
  4. “I want to go home to Maine and hide in a cabin in the woods.” – Roxane Gay
  5. “Maine is a joy in the summer. But the soul of Maine is more apparent in the winter.” – Paul Theroux
  6. “The Maine coast is rugged and infinitely beautiful.” – Rachel Carson
  7. “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost
  8. “Maine is a world apart – a state of mind, a dreamlike landscape, a place where life is lived at a gentler pace.” – Anonymous
  9. “You know you’re a Mainer when your car has more miles on it than your children.” – Tim Sample
  10. “The Maine Lobster Festival is great. There’s so much food, and everyone is really friendly.” – Kesha
  11. “I never tire of the coast of Maine.” – John F. Kennedy
  12. “In Maine, the woods always border the sea, hiding it from view like a secret treasure.” – Rachel Field
  13. “Life in Maine is like a game of Whack-a-Mole. Just when you think you have things under control, something pops up to surprise you.” – J.C. Hutchins
  14. “I can’t imagine living anywhere else but Maine.” – Patrick Dempsey
  15. “Maine is a place where people find themselves.” – E.B. White
  16. “The best thing about Maine is that it’s a small enough place that you can make a difference.” – Angus King
  17. “Maine is a place where the pace of life is a little slower and the people are a little friendlier.” – Susan Collins
  18. “Maine is a land of rocky shores, deep forests, and rugged individuals.” – J. Courtney Sullivan
  19. “In Maine, autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus
  20. “Maine is a place where the smell of the sea and pine needles is a reminder of home.” – Anonymous
  21. “Maine is a place where the beauty of nature is matched only by the strength and resilience of its people.” – Olympia Snowe
  22. “The charm of Maine is as enduring as the lighthouse beacons that still cut through the foggy coastal air.” – Charlotte Bacon
  23. “Maine is a place where the only rush hour is when you’re trying to catch the last ferry home.” – Anonymous
  24. “Maine is a place where you can slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.” – Anonymous
  25. “Maine is a place where the beauty of the landscape is matched only by the warmth of its people.” – Paul LePage
  26. “In Maine, the seasons are not just a change in weather, but a change in the way of life.” – Anonymous
  27. “Maine is a place where the past and the present coexist in a beautiful, timeless way.” – Anonymous
  28. “Maine is a place where the sea and the sky meet in a perfect, infinite horizon.” – Anonymous
  29. “Maine is a place where the beauty of nature is always close at hand.” – Anonymous
  30. “Maine is a place where the spirit of independence and self-sufficiency is


Maine is a breathtaking state with a diverse range of natural landscapes and cultural experiences that make it a perfect destination for Instagram-worthy posts. Whether you’re a resident of Maine or a visitor, adding a caption or quote to your Instagram post can help capture the essence of your experience and share your love for Maine with others.

With so many inspiring Maine captions and quotes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to accompany your photo and make your Instagram feed stand out. So go ahead, explore Maine’s beauty, snap some amazing photos, and share your memories with the world!

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