Information about Best CBSE schools in Kolkata

Kolkata is famous for its culture and learning environment.Kolkata is famous for  history along with different colors of festivals. The rich history, colorful festivals, creative achievements, and literature are widely known for their existence and vibrancy. A large number of recognized painters and authors have made the city a vast heart of art and culture, earning it the nickname “City of Joy.”

Kolkata is famous for its culture and learning. Its education system includes academic excellence and a rich legacy. Let us now see the top 10 CBSE schools in Kolkata.

Get the details about the top 10 CBSE schools in Kolkata

  1.  Delhi Public School, Ruby Park

Delhi Public School is one of the leading CBSE schools in India having several branches delivering education from nursery to class 12.  This school has trained faculty. The environments of this school are known for their dedication and discipline.DPS Rubypark focuses on a balanced approach to education, watching over excellent academics and engagement in extracurricular activities.

  1.  Birla High School

Birla High School is a well-known school for boys from kindergarten to class twelve. The Vidya Mandir Society started the school, which has modern facilities like fully furnished computer and science labs, a sizable library, and a robust sports complex. The school also has skilled teachers.

  1.  South Point High School

This is one of the best CBSE-affiliated schools.  It has an excellent education system with different facilities.  The school has the basic motto of hard work, excellence, and dignity.

  1.   Lakshmipat Singhania Academy

This school runs from Montessori to XII. It is renowned for its smart classrooms and lab activities. This institution is affiliated under Central Board of Secondary Education. This all-boys school has ties to the CBSE board. Kolkata also has the IB Board Schools in India.

  1.  Kendriya Vidyalaya, Ballygunge

The school has different advanced curriculum designs. It will help the kids to learn different concepts with different activities along with learning motor skills. It is regarded as one of the top schools offering excellent education to all levels.

  1.  Sushila Birla Girls’ School

Birla opened officially in 1994. It is a reputable school renowned for encouraging learning success, holistic growth, and the empowerment of young women. The school wants every child to receive a top-notch education.

  1.  Newtown School

An English-medium, coeducational, privately managed school with CBSE affiliation, Newtown is an amazing institution. In the new school category, Newtown has achieved the distinction of becoming the first IGBC Gold Accredited Green School in India. Students at Newtown School have the chance to participate in several kinds of groups, which helps them develop their technical and artistic skills. This is one of the best top 10 CBSE schools in Kolkata.

  1. Hariyana Vidya Mandir

The Hariyana Sewa Sadan Trust, a charitable organization founded in 1992, is in charge of running the school. It delivers Senior Secondary Science, Commerce, and Humanities streams. An unaided, private, coeducational English-medium institution connected to the CBSE.

  1. Indus Valley World School

The school follows the CBSE curriculum. The school provides both indoor and outdoor games as well as a toddler play area. Participating in play within Primary and Middle School boosts the Coeducational setting, welcoming students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Professional educators provide classes with all the necessary digital tools for learning to secondary and senior secondary students.

10. Abhinav Bharati High School

The Abhinav Bharati Bal Mandir was established in 1945.The coeducational institution provides a learning environment for all levels. It excels in extracurricular and other activities. This is known as Kolkata’s first House for kids in Monisory areas.

Choosing the IB Board  Schools in India is Crucial to their Achievement

It is better for you to choose the best school as it affects a student’s mental health, prospects, employment opportunities, supportive environment, and networking. Educational quality and the right institution are essential. School develops your child’s personality not just throughout childhood but even during the earlier adult years. Growing up, children who attend different schools tend to grow into unique personalities.

FAQ: How Does School Affect Opportunities for Future Careers?

The school which can be chosen by students will directly impact their future employment options. You should choose the good schools, making them highly sought after by businesses and employers.


You may select the best CBSE School in Kolkata based on your child’s learning requirements because there are many of them to pick from. If you’re searching for anything comparable, the top 10 CBSE schools in Kolkata are likewise a fantastic choice.

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