Top 3 Best Horse Racing Betting Websites in Thailand

Horse racing betting is currently one of the entertainment forms that many players in Thailand love. However, not everyone knows how to find the best, reputable, and safe horse racing betting website. Therefore, the betting expert from Fun88 will share some criteria for selecting a reputable horse racing betting website, as well as introduce the top 3 online horse racing betting websites in Thailand.

Criteria for Choosing a Horse Racing Betting Website

There are various online horse racing betting websites in Thailand. However, alongside reputable websites, there are quite a few fraudulent websites that scam players’ money. Therefore, when betting on horse races or any form of betting, you need to choose a reputable website for yourself.

Here are some essential criteria when selecting a horse racing betting website:

  • The betting website must have an operating license from reputable agencies and organizations, clear origins, and information. This ensures transparent betting activities, quick prize payouts, and ensures players’ rights.
  • A reputable horse racing betting website must offer various types of bets, providing all horse races in Thailand and worldwide.
  • The website must support the Thai language, have a user-friendly interface, quick loading speed, and not be blocked, allowing easy access for players.
  • The online horse racing betting website must be linked with various banks in Thailand to facilitate easy and quick deposits and withdrawals for players.
  • A reputable horse racing betting website must secure the personal information of its clients, use multi-layer security technology, and provide excellent encryption to ensure absolute confidentiality.
  • A reputable horse racing betting website must offer attractive promotions and bonuses for new and long-term players.
  • A good website also provides attentive customer service, ready to advise players anytime, anywhere.
  • You should avoid participating in horse racing betting websites without clear origins, lack credibility, and are not licensed to operate.

With these criteria, you can evaluate and select a suitable and reputable website to experience the exciting and safe horse racing betting. Enjoy the thrill and opportunity to win great prizes while ensuring that your rights and information are secured.

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Top 3 Best Horse Racing Betting Websites in Thailand

Based on the important criteria above, our experts have selected the top 3 horse racing betting websites in Thailand for players to consider:

1. Fun88 Horse Racing Betting Website

Fun88 (ฟัน 88) is the leading online horse racing betting website in Thailand, trusted by players. With nearly 20 years of experience in providing online horse racing betting services, Fun88 has become a reliable betting address for millions of fans in Thailand and around the world. Joining Fun88, players can rest assured because:

  • Fun88 is a legal horse racing betting website, licensed by the Isle of Man Gaming Supervision Commission and the PAGCOR of the Philippines.
  • It prioritizes safety and security, collaborating with the world-leading cybersecurity and audit company IOVATION to ensure information security.
  • The website supports multiple languages, including Thai, and is linked with numerous banks in Thailand for easy and quick transactions.
  • Known for its strength in sports betting, Fun88 provides various horse racing events and bet types worldwide.
  • It offers numerous promotions and competitive odds for the players. The latest Fun88 link is updated at

2. W88 Horse Racing Betting Website

If you’re looking for the best horse racing betting website in Thailand, W88 is a must-visit. Managed by Marquee Holdings Limited and licensed by CEZA, W88 excels in sports betting, especially horse racing. The advantages of betting on W88 include:

  • It is a reputable website with a legal operating license and years of online betting experience.
  • The user-friendly and beautifully designed interface ensures a simple and enjoyable betting experience.
  • It supports various languages, including Thai, and offers a diverse range of horse racing events and betting options worldwide.
  • Multi-layer security ensures complete confidentiality for players, accompanied by attractive promotions and gifts.

3. 12Bet Horse Racing Betting Website

Lastly, 12Bet is among the top 3 best horse racing betting websites in Thailand. It has been operating in the Thai market for many years, earning trust from a large number of players with its highly downloaded app. The benefits of the 12Bet online horse racing betting website include:

  • Beautiful and realistic graphics, easy to use interface.
  • Provides a full range of horse racing events worldwide.
  • Diverse betting options for players to choose from.
  • Supports the Thai language and links with many banks for fast deposit and withdrawal.
  • High security ensures no information leakage.


Above are the top 3 horse racing betting websites in Thailand that our experts want to introduce to you. We hope this helps players choose the most suitable and reliable website. If you have any questions or need advice on registration or effective horse racing betting tips, please contact our experts or leave a comment below!

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