Best Video Editing Apps in 2023

Short, to-the-point videos like Instagram Reels, TikTok stories YouTube shorts, etc. have essentially taken over social media by storm. While all of these incredible social media applications have potent in-app polishing as well as editing features, nothing really beats a proficient video editing application available on your phone. 

If you are totally new to the entire video editing idea, the apps we have chosen tend to be simpler to use than the conventional desktop apps like Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, etc. These apps have a user-friendly interface and are super convenient to use. We hope you will find these apps helpful. Listed below are five of the best editing apps of 2023. 

Grab a notepad and start taking notes of all the features that look appealing to you. To use these apps seamlessly, you will without any doubt require a high-speed internet connection like the one offered by Xfinity. A speedy connection will not only assist you in using the apps efficiently but will also help avoid any interruptions. With that being said, explore the apps that we have mentioned below and thank us later. 

  1. GoPro Quik

While GoPro Quik does not really have a long list of unique editing features, it gets the task done with a little AI touch. When you choose various pictures as well as videos, the application instantly selects your finest moments, includes cinematic effects and tunes, and produces a sharable video. 

The main highlight of this app is its automatic edits feature that helps beginners develop a quick short video on the go. Using this app, you get countless video editing features and complete media backup with a proper paid plan. 

  1. KineMaster

This app offers easy-to-use templates in specific categories like YouTube intro, gaming, reels, Instagram videos, vlogs, etc. Using this app, you can also easily create a whole new video from scratch. 

You will be delighted to know that KineMaster essentially presents an easy-to-understand interface with all the relevant video editing features. You can simply add a voiceover, include stickers, apply effects, remove the background, etc. using this amazing app. 

  1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is another efficient video editing app that helps you diligently edit all your videos. Thanks to stickers, extraordinary fonts, amazing background effects, and unique themes, it is famous among the younger generation. 

Regardless of introducing the pro-level features, the app carefully focuses on convenience and ease of use to make the entire video editing process seamless and smooth for beginners. In addition to this, the app also comes with a completely free TikTok video creator with countless songs as well as lyrics. 

  1. Magisto

Magisto specifically targets certain social media users with contemplative video editing tools. The application has an efficient AI assist to properly edit your media with eye-catching graphics, filters, effects, audio tracks, etc. With countless colorful stickers present at your fingertips, you can add some fun to your short videos and make a new trendy short in no time. 

Magisto provides its users with some premium plans to include premium styles, eliminate watermarks, increase the video length, and unlock millions of stock pictures to effectively utilize in a video. In addition to this, the application also provides video hosting as well as sharing tools to build relevant, password-protected links. That way, only certified individuals can see your edited video. 

  1. InShot

Most notable features in the app are totally aimed at influencers. The app provides basic and up-to-date video editing tools to help create eye-catching clips. Using this app, you can easily trim videos, carefully adjust the speed, create comprehensive slideshows, replay videos, and take advantage of modern, AI-driven body effects. 

InShot recognizes the body and includes distinctive AI effects in order to create competent videos. With a thousand-plus stickers, designer backgrounds, and hilarious memes, you are just a few seconds away from making your short video stand out from the rest of the videos on social media. 

  1. Funimate

This app does not really aim to replace a well-made, professional small video editor. It actually relies on the best video editing options like keyframes, text effects, video masks, AI effects, and effect mixes to appeal to social media users. 

You will be delighted to know that the app essentially comes with adept social integration. You can easily shoot videos for daily and weekly challenges, share your originality with the entire Funimate community, and take motivation from others to increase your overall engagement on social media. 

Final words

Choose your favorite video editor application from the list of six apps that we have given above and amaze your close friends, family, and followers with your individuality and creativity. Download the app that best suits your work ethic and see how your work transforms. Have fun experimenting with these apps!


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