A detailed guide concerning the Data Protection Law

This has a surge in the risk of piracy, invasion of privacy, fraud, and other illegal activities. Safeguarding Personal Information in the Digital Age is the need of the time. Countries are focusing on making laws to protect against the misuse and illegal use of data and information. Similarly, the government of UAE has also taken the initiative to safeguard personal data by formulating laws and regulations. Nevertheless, in September 2021 the decree law was passed in the Emirates. This was a significant transformation in the nation’s regulatory framework. Lawyers in UAE by top Law Firms in UAE are the top priority to understand such topics. These UAE Lawyers are the licensed Emirati Lawyers who are allowed and authorized to provide such details. These lawyers in UAE or UAE Lawyers have proved the capabilities in Data Sciences and protection. Therefore, these lawyers in UAE must be expert in “DATA Sciences and Protection”. Last but not the least, lawyer or advocate in UAE means the UAE National or Emirati Lawyers. Always hire these UAE Lawyers or Emirati Lawyers for data protection matters.

The exemplary legislation was officially effective in January 2022. The law is relatively new considering the massive use of digital platforms. This was a move towards modernizing the UAE economy and society as a whole. Nevertheless, it has resulted in embracing digitalization across different sectors and industries. There are certain provisions and regulatory oversight to the law. Emirates Data Office which is also known as Data Office is established in the UAE. This was a key move towards data security as per the federal law. Let’s fetch more details on this topic below;

  • The data office serves as the nation’s primary data regulatory to control and meet data protection standards. Besides, this paves the way towards ensuring compliance and also enables us to adhere to international data protection standards.
  • The data office retains full control and authority to extend the compliance deadlines. However, as per the law executive regulations, it must be issued within 6 months’ time after the enactment.
  • UAE personal data protection law boasts about extraterritorial applicability. This encompasses both inside the UAE and the foreign controllers and processors.  It is for handling the personal data of residents of the UAE.
  • However, some exceptions do exist. It is notably due to government data, public bodies, and personal banking and credit information. All of it is subject to the existing regulatory frameworks.

Some of the Key rights bestowed upon data subjects may include the following:

  • Nonetheless, the data subjects have the right to access information. The information and data can be related to the collection, storage, and utility of their personal data. The data may be used by entities.
  • Data subjects are entitled to receive their information in a portable format. This facilitates a seamless transfer across all the digital platforms.
  • Moreover, the individuals exercise the right to object to Automated Processing. They can raise objections over the automatically generated decisions. The decision-making processes are normally based on their personal data.
  • The individuals do retain the rights over rectification. For any sort of inaccuracy or outdated personal data, rectification can be requested.
  • There are specific requirements to ensure the lawful process of the personal data. Besides, there are some robust and solid compliance measures introduced to make the process legitimate.
  • The entities should obtain consent from data subjects. However, some exceptions may exist. They are used for purposes of public interest, data publicly available, and legal obligations.
  • Additionally, the data controllers are mandated to conduct impact assessments regularly. The report on security breaches is also prepared. There are properly designated data protection officers to serve the purpose. 
  • Besides, it facilitates cross-border data transfers under its supervision. The data processors are also subject to stringent regulations. The regulations have governed their interactions with data controllers.
  • Professional and knowledgeable UAE Lawyers can assist individuals in better understanding the PDPL. Their skills and experience are handy to individuals seeking legal guidance.
  • The individuals require specialized legal counsel to ensure legal compliance. Besides, the role of an attorney is pertinent to mitigate the risk more effectively. A Sharjah lawyer offers invaluable insights to individuals seeking legal help. 
  • Their expertise and guidance enable the organizations as well to navigate through the intricacies of data protection regulations. It offers them the confidence and ease to handle sensitive matters. 
  • In recent times, the enactment of the Data Protection Law underscores the UAE’s commitment to fostering a secure and transparent digital environment. It is supported by empowering data subjects.
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  • They can provide legal support to individuals and organizations concerning the protection of personal data in modernized and digitized times.

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